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Upcoming events

    • 2024-02-21
    • 5:30 PM
    • 2024-05-22
    • 7:00 PM
    • Teams Meeting
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    CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2024 

    DAMA Calgary is pleased to announce we will be offering the CDMP study group, for those looking to take the CDMP exam. The CDMP study group is an excellent way to prepare for the exam, with 15 weeks of interactive discussion and quizzes, designed to cover the material within the DMBOK.  Previous sessions saw 50% of the study group take the exam with everyone passing the exam.


    Registration closes: March 6, 2024 

    Dates: Weekly, 5:30 - 7:00 MT February 21, 2024 to May 22, 2024

    Format: Weekly sessions, 90 minutes in length, with chapter presentations and quiz


    You need your copy (hardcopy / PDF bundle is recommended) of the DMBoK

    V2.0 is available for purchase from Technics Publications or the DAMA Calgary store.

    We recommend giving yourself 2 hours per week to read the chapter, in addition to

    the 90-minute review/quiz session.

    Don’t delay, register for the study group today!

    You will receive an invitation for a Teams meeting for all the sessions. You will also receive

    access to a private folder (Study Group participants only) with the session recordings and

    presentation decks as they are compiled.


    $150 for Non-members - includes DAMA Calgary membership.

    $75 for DAMA Calgary Professional Members, corporate or individual.

    $25 for DAMA Calgary Student Members

Past events

2024-03-21 Documents, Databases, Knowledge Graphs, LLMs and Their Common Roots in Natural Language
2024-02-15 Your Data is Exposed - 5 Cloud Application Security Risks
2024-01-18 Strategic Digital Transformation: Empowering your Cloud Journey through Data Intelligence
2023-12-14 Wind Energy Digitalization, Opportunities and Challenges for Optimization and Operational Excellence
2023-11-16 My Journey of Digital Transformation as a Non-Data Scientist/Business User
2023-11-04 DAMA Days Canada - Calgary CDMP Exam
2023-11-02 DAMA Days Canada - Calgary
2023-11-02 DAMA Days Canada - Regina
2023-10-19 Good Data, Bad Information
2023-09-21 What is Data Centricity and Why moving to Data Centric Architecture will save your Business
2023-07-20 Semantic journeys: The present status and future vision of the Fortune 500
2023-06-22 A Data Management Endeavor
2023-05-18 What makes a good standard?
2023-04-20 AMA - Ask Me Anything
2023-03-16 How to Build An Analytics Team: The SaskEnergy Analytics Story
2023-02-16 Demystifying Digital Transformation in Oil and Gas
2023-02-15 CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2023
2023-01-19 Azure Data Lake and Warehouse Architecture
2022-12-15 Calgary December Social
2022-12-15 Regina December Social
2022-12-15 Digital Twin; The Biggest Data Management-Driven Digital Transformation Opportunity in Oil and Gas Today?
2022-11-17 Evolution of Data Delivery
2022-10-20 DAMA Days Canada 2022
2022-09-15 Innovation Journey at SaskPower
2022-07-21 Deliver an Enterprise-Class Reporting Platform
2022-06-23 AMA - Ask Me Anything
2022-05-19 “Data Strategy” with Dr. Peter Aiken
2022-04-28 Data and Movement Informatics for "Cooperative Truck Platooning Systems" - A Trial
2022-03-17 The National Information Exchange Model
2022-02-23 CDMP Study Group Winter/Spring 2022
2022-02-17 AI Ethics & Data Dilemmas
2022-01-20 Data Literacy - What it is and why we need it
2021-12-16 DAMA Calgary Virtual Christmas Gathering (Sask.)
2021-12-16 DAMA Calgary Christmas Gathering
2021-11-18 Bringing Unstructured Data to the Data Party
2021-10-21 How to Use a Faceted Business Glossary Graph to Improve Intranet Search
2021-10-13 CDMP Study Group 2021
2021-09-16 AI Governance – An Implementation Use Case
2021-08-19 Blockchain for the DBA & Data Professional
2021-07-15 Telling your data Story with Scott Taylor
2021-07-15 Annual General Meeting
2021-06-17 Considering the Cloud with Simon Pane
2021-05-20 DAMA Edmonton presents - Insurance Fraud with Joseph Paul, Peace Hills Insurance
2021-04-15 Data Strategy with Samir Sharma
2021-03-25 Data Security - assuring protection for your data sources & data flows from internal and external actors.

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