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DAMA Calgary Association is pleased to present

February 18th, at Noon MT, an

"Introduction to Data Modeling"

by Steve Hoberman, DMC

Data modeling is about understanding the data used within our operational and analytics processes, documenting this knowledge in a precise form called the “data model”, and then validating this knowledge through communications with both business and IT stakeholders. Underlying all successful applications is a robust and precise data model, and similarly, most software development failures are due to a lack of understanding of the data or data requirements.

Learn all about data models and why they are so important for software development and for business communication. We will cover the basic components of a data model and the different types of data models that exist.

Speaker Bio:

Steve Hoberman has been a data modeler for over 30 years, and his virtual Data Modeling Master Class is the most comprehensive (yet entertaining) data modeling course on Earth. Steve is the author of nine books on data modeling, including The Rosedata Stone and Data Modeling Made Simple. Steve is also the author of Blockchainopoly. One of Steve’s frequent data modeling consulting assignments is to review data models using his Data Model Scorecard® technique. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group, creator of the Data Modeling Institute’s Data Modeling Certification exam, Conference Chair of the Data Modeling Zone conferences, director of Technics Publications, lecturer at Columbia University, and recipient of the Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) International Professional Achievement Award.

We have an exciting line-up of Guest Speakers for 2021.

January 21 - Michael Scofield - IoT

February 18 - Steve Hoberman - Modeling

March 25 - Dr. Amelia Estwick - Security
              (DAMA Edmonton Partner event)

April 15 - Samir Sharma - Data Strategy

May 20 - to be confirmed