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The pages included in this section are accessible by paid up members only. Here you find material given to us by presenters as well as forums started up and contributed to by members. Available to members are the following 3 pages:

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  • 2021-08-26 9:29 PM | Marc Nolte

    CDMP Curious?
    Keep your Wednesday evening open!

    Starting October 13th, DAMA Calgary will host CDMP Study Group V2.0
    After a successful Spring session that started last January, 9 of 22 participants wrote and successfully passed the CDMP Fundamentals exam. We had one fellow achieve 90%, and 4 more scored 80%+, so we're doing something right... Stay tuned, more info will arrive next week.

  • 2021-08-05 2:57 PM | Darrin Bailey (Administrator)

    Rarely have I struggled as I do when trying to explain what Metadata is and why it has value to an organization. I found this Dataversity webinar quite helpful in getting a handle on it all.

    Best Practices in Metadata Management

  • 2021-08-05 2:54 PM | Darrin Bailey (Administrator)

    Are you doing devOps? How about dataOps? Check out the DataOps Manifesto!

  • 2021-07-27 3:39 PM | Ron Legere (Administrator)

    Enjoying the Olympics is grand. And now as a data professional  seeing how data collection and analysis is used to help the athletes be more competitive is gratifying. It really is all about the data. Well, maybe not the physical capability itself. They need that too. This article is about how data is used to support Canada's swimming team

  • 2021-07-26 6:41 AM | Ron Legere (Administrator)

    Data management is becoming more critical for any business to stay competitive. And basically work smarter and more cost effective.  I am sharing this article because in its simplicity it mentions, or implies,  every DMBoK discipline. If not by name but certainly by implication. See if you can spot them. Think of this as a mini CDMP test.

  • 2021-05-21 7:56 AM | DAMA Membership (Administrator)

    In my last post I asked the question,  "Do you see the data?". That was in reference to advances in automation capability. And how everything needs data to work, or only exists to manage data. Here is another capability emerging and improving because of the need to understand more data presented in a natural (read spoken) way. 

    Investing in NLP

  • 2021-04-19 10:45 AM | Corine Jansonius

    Did you know that the First Nations have a framework for Information Governance, OCAP®? I first heard of this last year, and have wanted to learn more.

    So I am delighted  that Data for Good YYC's April topic is "First Nations Data Sovereignty using OCAP®".

    The presenter is Kristine Neglia, Manager of OCAP & Information Governance with the First Nations Information Governance Centre.

    Come join us this Thursday, April 22, 7 pm, to learn more!


    The First Nations principles of OCAP® offer a framework for how First Nations’ data and information should be collected, protected, used, and shared.

    Standing for ownership, control, access, and possession, OCAP® is a tool to support strong information governance on the path to First Nations data sovereignty.

    Using historical and current research and data management issues, this presentation will explore the First Nations principles of OCAP® and First Nations data sovereignty and discuss the importance of each.

    About the Presenter

    Kristine Neglia is the Manager of OCAP® & Information Governance with the First Nations Information Governance Centre. Responsible for education and training activities, Kristine supports First Nations, Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations increase their knowledge

    and skills related to OCAP®, Information Governance, and First Nations Data Sovereignty.

    Kristine has worked for Indigenous organizations at the local, provincial, and national levels in diverse areas such as housing, health, and community wellness, and is a volunteer Director for a local organization in the City of Ottawa.

    An Anishnaabe Kwe of the Curve Lake First Nation, Kristine is always excited to speak about the First Nations Principles of OCAP®.

    How to Sign Up

    Go to our Meetup page to sign up for this meeting: https://www.meetup.com/Data-for-Good-Calgary/events/277458209/

  • 2021-04-18 8:17 AM | Ron Legere (Administrator)

    When you see advances in research, social interactions, and tools/apps for daily life do you "see" the data that is involved? AI, ML, and big data has opened up incredible advances...


  • 2021-04-07 7:06 AM | Marc Nolte

    Have you signed the Data Leader's Manifesto ?

    Struggling with engaging senior leaders on data management? Look no further than the Data Leaders manifesto! Produced by data management professionals and signed by data management professionals across the globe, this document can act as a catalyst for conversation within your organization. Since all organizations are different, this one-pager can be taken as a starting point and developed to become an organization specific version that everyone can get behind. What are you really trying to do with data? Are you actually treating data as an asset?

    Have you even read it?

    We urge all of you to consider it carefully, and if it resonates with you, sign on, print it out, plot it large for your lunchroom wall (for when we get back to the office)...

  • 2021-04-06 7:23 PM | DAMA Calgary (Administrator)

    Hello everyone,

    We're delighted to offer a blogging capability to our members.

    Do you have something to share with the community? Please post it here.

    Note, this feature is for members only. The public can read the blog posts, but not comment or start their own thread.

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