DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

DAMA Calgary Association is evolving with Covid-reality for 2020!

Save these dates:

  • DAMA Calgary will be attending the new, virtual, DMC-Conf Online-May 13th.
    3 Speakers in the lineup so far, we hope to see you there.

  • May 21st Noon MT:    Bad Data - 
    • "Why We Measure the Wrong Things and Often Miss the Metrics That Matter" with author Peter Schryvers - City of Calgary

  • June 18th - Making the Unknown Known
    • Norm Friend is a Business Solutions Integrator at SaskEnergy responsible for providing information services to the business for both data and content. Norm has worked in the EIM space for over 20 years specializing in implementing solutions to various organizations across many industries around records and information management. His passion is to work with different business groups on information governance, ensuring they have the right information readily available to do their job successfully.

  • Making the Unknown Known
    • Data is proliferating at an exponential rate and disappearing into dark repositories. Getting the right information to the right person at the right time is getting more and more expensive while the consequences of not delivering are mounting. Meanwhile, the greying workforce with institutional knowledge are not being replaced. SaskEnergy is embarking on a transformational information governance initiative that quite simply is working to make the unknown known and turning information from liability to viability.

  • DAMA Calgary Association - Annual General Meeting - also June 18th
    • Short AGM (~5-8 minutes) includes:
    • Meet your DAMA Calgary Board
    • Vote in new directors
    • Establish direction for the new fiscal year!

We meet virtually since March, 2020. We are using MS-Teams, hosted by Suncor.

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