DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

DAMA Calgary talk for May 2020

"Why we measure the wrong things and often miss the metrics that matter"

May 21st at 12 Noon MT by Peter Schryvers of the City of Calgary


This talk highlights the pitfalls of data analysis and emphasizes the importance of using the appropriate metrics before making key decisions.

Big data is often touted as the key to understanding almost every aspect of contemporary life. This critique of "information hubris" shows that even more important than having data is finding the right metrics to evaluate it.

Peter Schryvers dissects the metrics we apply to health, worker productivity, our children's education, the quality of our environment, the effectiveness of leaders, the dynamics of the economy, and the overall well-being of the planet.

Short Bio:

Peter Schryvers, a senior planner for the City of Calgary, offers a perspective that challenges the accepted wisdom about a host of data-driven programs and convincingly argues that people and institutions often rely on the wrong info.

Mr. Schryvers points to Goodhart’s law, which holds that “when a measure becomes a target, the measure ceases to be a good measure”. Examining other pitfalls of data collection and analysis, he notes that some things simply defy measurement.

His insights will challenge us and provide valuable tools, enabling us to think critically about the myriad uses of data today.

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