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DAMA Calgary talk for April 2020

Going beyond MDM:
-> Augmenting insight through Knowledge Graphs <- 

April 16th at 12 Noon by Mike Morley of Menome Technologies Inc.


Unlike standard MDM, a knowledge graph models and surfaces the complex connections or relationships that link data, creating a powerful presentation of patterns and structures of the data.  Knowledge graphs make it possible to quickly examine the second-order and third-order relationships that exist between various data, delivering deep insights about business questions or decisions.    

In this presentation, Mike will provide some illustrative examples from several industries as to how Menome continuously integrates data from many sources to create a living Knowledge Graph, providing powerful new capabilities to deliver insight to organizations.  

Short Bio:

Mike Morley has delivered innovation and insight through implementing leading-edge technology in the mining, environmental, AEC and engineering market sectors. For more than 25 years, Mike has helped organizations realize the value of their data as both an entrepreneur and in strategic leadership roles.

Mike Morley is a founder of Menome Technologies Inc. Menome has developed breakthrough data consolidation and refinement that unleash your organization’s collective intelligence by making it easy to capture, organize and link knowledge from ALL systems, files and minds...