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DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

DAMA Calgary talk for February 2020:

"Building a Data Analytics Service"
on February 20th at 8AM MT and 9AM CT.

by Brian VanDerVoort of Improving

Many organizations are looking to drive business value through innovation and digital transformation. One challenges organizations face with this approach is how to take experiments out of the "innovation lab" and transform it into a sustainable service or product. This session will outline how we were able to take a pilot data analytics experiment and turn it into a cost-effective governed service focused on helping the organized make better utilization of their data.

Speaker Bio
Brian is a firm believer in the power of data and technology to empower organizations to be more effective and efficient - if applied with a clear understanding of business needs and organizational culture. His advanced technical expertise and passion for data analysis have helped hundreds of organizations in their journey to turn data into valuable information that supports faster, better business decisions.

Brian has more than 30 years of hands-on IT industry experience helping organization with software and data solutions within energy, government, healthcare, construction, engineering, retail, transportation, utilities, law, not-for-profit, start-up, and other business sectors. Brian is also an advocate and coach for Agile adoption and iterative product delivery. Brian current leads the Data Management and Project Delivery practices at Improving Calgary where he is the VP of Consulting.‚Äč