DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

‚ÄčDAMA Calgary Chapter March 2019 talk:

"Sum(where) Over(The.Rainbow)"

A brutally practical guide to obtaining business intelligence skills and experience from the comfort of your own home.

By Leighton Jones of Paramount Resources

Thursday March 21st @8AM at the Suncor Calgary Office - 17th Floor, West Tower, 150 6th Ave SW


Your eyes open in strange land.  Everything you see and touch yields quality data that you blend effortlessly to plan.  Decisions here are made by informed decision set to catchy musical numbers.  Your email chimes, you wake up.  Three Excel files beg immediate attention for consolidation.

For those eager to find their own Yellow Brick road of data and analytic adventure - this presentation is for you.  Whether you want to tinker with some datasets, or build your own BI server stack for very little cash I'll talk you through practical, down-to-earth options to get you started and on your way.

Speaker Bio:

A self-described nerd with far to much time on his hands, Leighton is a senior IS analyst with Paramount Resources.  For the past four years he has immersed himself in the data-warehousing and analytics world, sharing tales of success, failure, discovery and monumental blunder to a patient wife, bored friends and cornered colleagues who have no escape route.

Described by a teacher during a high-school parent/teacher interview as 'he would make a good  con-man'; he is arguably the last person you would ever want to give an open-forum to - much less one that could constitute as advice; and yet here we are.

Suncor Calgary Office - 17th Floor West Tower

Coffee/Tea & Networking at 8AM
Talk starts at 8:15 Sharp!
Talk ends by 9:15 then Q&A

Our meeting space is provided by Suncor - thanks for Dylan Miles

Coffee is sponsored by Newcomp Analytics - thanks again to Steve and Alex

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