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DAMA Calgary December talk:

 “Bridging the gap between the worlds of OT and IT using a Data Hub to enable insights and eliminate data silos."

by Rod Kruetzfeld & Scott Irvine of Microsoft Canada Ltd.

Thursday December 7th, 2017 @8AM


Organizations are faced with bridging the gap between Operational Technology such as SCADA and IOT with traditional structured data sources such as SAP, Oracle, IBM and SQL.  By extracting the right insights from the right data to drive better-informed, faster decision making with differentiate your organization.

Microsoft and our partners community can provide a platform to deliver an end-to-end platform with an integrated and comprehensive set of tools and services.  First, we provide services to bring data in, so that you can analyze it. It provides information management capabilities so that you can pull data from any source (relational DB like SQL or non-relational ones such as any Hadoop cluster) in an automated and scheduled way, while performing the necessary data transforms (for example: setting certain data columns as dates vs. currency etc.) through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) in the cloud. We can perform similar services for realtime  streaming data from any end point.  The data brought in then can be persisted in Data Lake Store or Data Warehouse.  From this point, there are a wide range of analytics services such as Machine Learning to analyze the data stored.  The analytics models created can be surfaced as interactive dashboards and visualizations via tools such as Power BI, SAP Lumira, Tableau or Excel. 

Because Microsoft is the most open platform in the world, you can leverage many of your existing partners and technology investments for what analysts refer to as the fourth industrial revolution that is emerging, largely driven by the rise of Big Data, the growth of the cloud, and a new era of intelligence capabilities.

Speaker Bio:

Rod Kruetzfeld  is the Architect at our Microsoft Technology Center located in Calgary.  Rod has 23 years in the industry, where he has gained a plethora of skills and industry knowledge through financial services, manufacturing and retail industries.  Rod topped his consulting career off by managing a group a Microsoft centric professional services team, focused on Infrastructure and Management at Compugen.  Since then he has written a book focused on System Management and has spoken at several industry conferences.  Joining Microsoft nearly 10 years ago, Rod joined as a Technical Solution Professional working with Client, System Center and Data Center technologies for the last 6 ½ years.

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