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DAMA Calgary November talk:

“Fully integrate vocabularies and digital assets with associations for governance and analytics”

by John O’Gorman of Quantum Semantics Inc

Thursday November 9th, 2017 @8AM
Meeting Host: Arcurve
300 – 902 11th Avenue SW


There a several enterprise-level frameworks out there and lots of standards, all of them claiming to move us toward a fully integrated information future. In this presentation, John will explore the relationships between business vocabulary, persistent facts and the common dimensions that can counted on to help organize and present information in a way that is repeatable, fully integrated and dimensional. To accomplish all this in 45 minutes, John will use his own project history to demonstrate how the journey from structured tables, to documents and metadata right out to data warehouses, business intelligence and analytics took place using one simple principle and a set of nineteen universal classes of information.


John O'Gorman is an information management professional specializing in semantic interoperability. He is the Principal, Founder and Chief Disambiguation Officer at Quantum Semantics Inc in Calgary. His nearly twenty-five years of experience has produced an information management model called Q6™ that is designed to fully integrate 'upstream' vocabularies and digital assets with 'midstream' associations and 'downstream' presentations and analytics. His model is technology agnostic, language neutral and domain independent. He believes that clients want ‘practical magic’ in their EIM projects and he delivers that in a straight forward, engaging manner.

John has worked in Healthcare (Alberta Health Services), Oil and Gas (Suncor, Devon, Husky and Grizzly Oilsands), Education (Mount Royal University, CBE) and Software Development and Documentation (BMC and Documentum) to implement a multi-dimensional, three-tier information architecture that connects the ‘language you know’ with business terminology services, business fact registries and navigable file-based and graphic interfaces. 

He lives in a log home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Bragg Creek, Alberta with his wife and two children.


We are returning to the Arcurve offices at 300 - 902 11th Avenue SW.

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