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DAMA Calgary May talk:

“SSAS Tabular Model – a Sweet Spot Between the Traditional Data Warehouse and Big Data”

Thursday May 25th, 2017 @8AM

Meeting Host: Arcurve Inc.

Suite 300, 902 - 11th Ave SW

(one block south of MEC,

one block west of Brewster's)

by Dave Schlinker

The Big Data and advanced analytics market is growing rapidly (IDC predicts a 50% growth in worldwide revenues from 2015-2019).  However, the current adoption rate is approximately 30% in both the enterprise and mid-market segments.  So, what are the other 70% doing?

As Big Data grabs the headlines, a middle ground between Traditional Data Warehousing and Big Data is developing quietly.  This ‘sweet spot’ offers advanced analytics capabilities and support for very large data sets in a much lower price range than full on Big Data.

One such offering is Microsoft SSAS Tabular.  This modern in-memory, column-based data store allows organizations to store and analyze large datasets.  It utilizes constructs from both the traditional data warehouse and modern Big Data.   Combined with the DAX programming language and advanced SQL Server capabilities, companies can now apply sophisticated reporting and analytics at a low cost relative to full-scale Big Data.

Dave Schlinker will describe the Tabular model and compare it to third normal form and multi-dimensional models.  He will also discuss the underlying DAX programming language.  And finally, he will look at how front-end access tools such as Excel and Power BI leverage the tabular model.

Dave Schlinker is an independent BI Consultant.  He has twenty years of experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.  In a wide range of roles, he has worked with numerous Canadian companies across many industries.  Dave has a passion for data and always marvels at new and innovative approaches to understanding it.


For the first time, we're meeting at the Arcurve's Calgary Office - Suite 300, 902 - 11th Ave SW

(one block south of MEC, one block west of Brewster's Brew Pub, Kitty Corner to Safeway)

Coffee/Tea & Networking at 8AM
Talk starts at 8:15 Sharp!
Talk ends by 9:15 then Q&A

Our goal is to have you back to your office before 10AM.

Our Venue is sponsored by Arcurve Inc. - Thanks Mike Bauer!
Our Coffee is sponsored by: IBM