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Business Driven Enterprise – Information Management Journey

Thursday Feb. 16th, 2017

by Fred Lee


Today most enterprises talk about information being one of their corporate assets; but very few have done well in harvesting the value of their information that could give them competitive advantage. It is like people get on board a train blindly, without knowing what kind of a train and where it is going – they just heard it is good. This talk will show you how to choose and prepare (things that you need or not) for a wonderful and rewarding Information Management (IM) train ride that will bring your enterprise to a better place. Come and join me in the IM journey!

Speaker Bio:

Fred Lee is a strategic, focused, and business oriented Enterprise Architect with 30 years of Information Management (IM) experience; in various industries such as oil & gas, financial, telecom, hi-tech, government, military, education, manufacturing, software vendor, transportation, and management consulting. He has helped many organizations in turning raw data into useful wisdom for making the right business decisions. He is advocating the need to elevate IM to the rightful place within an organization and the building blocks to do so (especially for the digital world today); without pouring your valuable resources down the drain.