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DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

Data Management Behaviour - Sept. 29, 2016

This session was very well attended.

Thanks to Steve Dolha of Solgistic Solutions, Inc. for an interesting talk:

Having your data management and data quality initiatives focus solely on the technology and business processes without giving equal attention to the impact of human behaviour in the organization towards data means you are missing a major influence to the success of those initiatives. We expect that people will just understand how every action they take minute by minute with data impacts the quality and use of that data.  Considering human behaviour as an equal partner to technology and business process goes a long way to improving this situation and positively affecting the business value and culture in ways needed to make true a impact on data in your organization. This presentation describes the key principles of human behaviour and provide concrete examples of strategies to use to impact that behaviour which will increase your odds of improving data management and data quality in your organization.