DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

January 14th - our first talk of 2016

Please join us as Wayne Lapaire presents "Durable Data Design".

The notion of a well-defined and readily shareable data asset is over 40 years old. DAMA itself formally began in 1980. In spite of this long history, the goal of establishing this valuable corporate asset still eludes most businesses. Data largely remains fragmented and stove-piped. The science or art of data modeling has long been touted as the means to create a foundation for a shareable, enterprise wide set of data. Unfortunately many data models are inherently instable, resulting in foundation failure as new business needs test the shared data environment. The failing foundation is then typically propped up with complex data transformations and integrations that result in high maintenance costs and protracted time to market to deliver business benefits. This presentation provides insight into the root causes of inherently instable data designs. The presenter will leave the audience with a practical set of tools and principles that lead to stable data models that effectively guide the establishment of the shareable enterprise data environment.

Wayne Lapaire is a longtime observer and practitioner of information management and information delivery. First bitten by the data bug in the early 1970’s when he joined the very forward looking Data Management Department of a major electrical utility, his career traversed both full time employee and consultant assignments across a wide variety of private and public enterprises. This path has provided ample opportunity to test and hone practices that will be shared in this presentation.

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