DAMA International - Calgary Chapter

March 31st, 2016

Modern Enterprise Data Delivery Platform on SAP HANA - by Pranav Bhat of Infosys

Enterprise data requirements within organizations have changed significantly during the past couple of years. The classical distinction between transactional and analytical data requirements supported through separate systems is no longer applicable. Organizations are fast realizing the importance of putting in place a modern data delivery platform which could help them implement complex actionable analytics, enable access to real-time data, ensure high performance and scalability and integrate multiple platforms into a unified data warehouse architecture. In addition, this modern data delivery platform should address one of the most nagging problems with the classical data warehouses – the lack of agility. It is apparent that the scale and complexity of data requirements exhibit a huge variety of interaction patterns which cannot be supported through traditional data warehouses.

Pranav Bhat leads Delivery for Infosys Oil and Gas customers in Calgary. He is focused on understanding client needs and help solve their business problems. His project delivery experience spans across Enterprise solutions (ERP), Supply Chain and Enterprise Data Management. He has over 14 years of experience delivering IT projects for oil and gas customers in Europe & North America.

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Enabling next generation Business Intelligence and Broader Adoption using Data Virtualization by Pravin Kadambi of Infosys

With growing volumes of data and increasing demands for its availability, data virtualization is slowly becoming an integral part of the overall BI landscape .The traditional approach of storing data on disk and later integrating and analyzing it isn’t good enough to meet business needs. Data Virtualization can be an answer to overcome the challenges thrown by traditional data-warehouse approach. In this session we would introduce the concept of Data Virtualization and talk about real business problems being solved using Data Virtualization.

Pravin Kadambi is recognized as a leader in managing large programs successfully, especially in the areas of Business Intelligence and Data Virtualization. Authored POVs, conducted client workshops, trained consultants and managed global delivery teams.