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We provide a forum for DM/IM professionals in Calgary. Learning from each other, networking, sharing best practice. 

We hope to attract *all* industries, all vertical markets.... we all have data, and there is more to Calgary than Big Oil.

Banking, Commerce, Defense, Research, Marketing, all three levels of Government are here. And with us.

Do you have a topic that you feel is under-served or under represented?   Let us know!.

Our May 17th Chapter meeting to be held at Microsoft - 7th floor, 110 9th Ave SW at 8AM.

Scott Irvine and Tyler Becker are the Data and Artificial Intelligence Team based in Calgary.  Scott has been at Microsoft for 6 years and Tyler has been with Microsoft for 2.  They work with large Enterprise customers on their strategies centered around data and taking actions on their data decisions. 

GDPR: The European General Data Protection Regulation

What is it? 
Who is affected? 
Why is it important to me? 
What you need to be aware of?
What is Microsoft’s position on GDPR?

You can see our past presentations here.

Our Vision

As more and more companies treat their data as the assets they are, the need for professional management is required.

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Our Mission

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